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Wink: the Game Wink: the Game

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Well made, but buggy

After playing you're game, I really need to say it's fairly well made, and I'm not really sure of any advice I can give. If anything, I'll try what I can;

Often in the game you can pass through area's that you're not supposed to, numerious times I've climbed into a ledge when I should have bounced off the bottom, for example. Also the numerious bug reports from other users count towards bugs like this aswell.

Consider making a tileset-based system, or a similar system, to construct you're levels. It would take longer to make, however you could create larger levels and have a more bug-free game overall. This could also cut filesize slightly. If this was the case, you might even get a cult-community of map-makers to boost the game further.

The moves you could preform were excellent, I particularly enjoyed sticking myself to ceilings and dive-bombing a hoodie right before breaking his neck. However you could have gone further with it. For example, you have multiple staffs, and doors. Why not instead give each staff it's own unique special ability, and obstacles that might require some inginuity and the special ability of the staff. An example might be the wind staff, have it give you the ability to double-jump while running with it. Then place a particularly tall wall to pass. Also, consider adding more staffage to the baggage. I would be interested to see tings like a rock-staff, water staff, or even holy and demi staffs.

Also, in the moves department, you could consider having it so moves can occassionally backfire. In a sneaking game like this it would add a twist if you might un-stick and fall off a ceiling. This would add another level to the game; Consider adding risk-factors to each move. Sticking to ceilings could be more dangerious than tip-toeing in the background. User might be forced to debait: "Should I suck to the roof and go for the floating green health, or tip-toe and get past for sure".

You're enemies could use more work, however. I found they they are constrained to certain area's, and theres literally no variety. I know it's hard work to make one enemy, nonetheless several. However in a game so in-depth like this, it might be more necessary. Hoodies are great, but what if you had sentinal units? Unit's that would spot you and alert all nearby hoodies of you're presence. these extra skills may take time to program, but would really show if you play you're cards rigt.

Lastly, consider adding more moves to you're enemies roster. They can head-butt and use staffs, however not much else. It would be interesting to see a hoodie climb a wall to get to me, for example. What if the hoodies started hiding beind rocks after finding out I'm around? For the sake of ease, you could even try different colour hoodies, with different skills. You're classic white hoodie is similar to this game, whereas, say, a red hoodie could run and chase you.

That's about it, Excellent game; Hope to see more from you.

The Matrix Re Soundtrack The Matrix Re Soundtrack

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice work meh elemential freind!

Very nice work Elements!

I hope you get back in teh Crew.

Anyway, because I shall review:

Graphics: Usually in sound boards you dont get gfx like that. Buttons, text, everything was great!

Sound: It was a sound board, I think you could have remove the titles that dont work, or mark em in some way, but there was exellent sound quality.

Interactivity: Not really made to have , but still you got to press a lot of buttons!

Style: I cant figure out what there looking for in this... But its cool!

Violence/Humor: some of the songs were angry, but other then that its a sound board.

Good work!

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Mission Mars Mission Mars

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

It needs too much work. Consider re-vamping.

This game just needs alot of improvments. I would consider re-making the game if I were you.

The graphics could have been re made in flash, you gave the game an uneccessarily large file size because of the fact that you used nearly only used bitmaps. Take the time and draw the towers. Also, the UFO could have been done in flash.

The sound had massive errors. I mean, you can press the button, and hear the sound wether attacking or not. Also, the sound itself sucked.

The attack moved too slow. I personally think a lazer projected by a UFO would out run a dead snail in molasis.

Not even interactivity was all there. in this game, you should of had the ship drop slowly, but let the player move from side to side.

Maby have it so the player can attack as fast as they want, but have them cost energy. Also in the energy stat, have it so if you hit a tower, the tower will level out to 1 peice below you, but you would lose massive health.

Personally, I just think this game needs to be re-made.

Thats what it comes down to. Also, I reccomend next time, have X Y hittests.

DragRacer DragRacer

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Exellent work

Suggestions and bug reports:
- Changing gears is touhg when your racing, maby making the gear change more responsive would help.

- Use a RGB option for the decals

- Have it circle or point to what your editing.

- Make your gradients more dramatic for a more 3d feel. (because your using swift, you should increase the gloss)

- In the show option, maby have it put into a competition to win more cash.

- Make the menu system more linear instead of popup based.

- Show how the stats will be affected.


- It may not subtract your money on a purchase

- Menu's will not close out when you leave them.

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Golf Golf

Rated 2 / 5 stars

In actual fact, its not a really very well made.

As I said above, its really not very well made.

The graphics were alright, but dont just use movieclips with diffrent colors. I thought the black "bouncers" were holes. You should have stuff about this in the "Help" section. But the graphics were the only thing half decent.

The actionscript was poorly done too. The hittests were too narrow, the holes were didnt respond until your ball was practically stopped, and the bouncers actually speed up the ball.

Somtimes if the ball is in a group of bouncers, it will fly off screen.

Next, in any golf game, you should somehow be able to get a hole in one every level, but in this game some holes almost force you to go way beyond the par.

The sound is god forsaken, I mean, that symbol sound for a bouncer? and there isnt even a put sound. Re-vamp your sound man.

Overall, Correct the 500 errors you have, maby change the obsticles from all looking the same, add a real help section, put in some sound that actually makes sense, have it so holes are possible to beat before the par.

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Goldenass- Part 2 Goldenass- Part 2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Great goin getting on the front page!

Sme, Raraken! Anyway, I guess I should review this eh?

Graphics: I gave GFX a 7 because you had exellent graphics, however sometimes the gradients go freaky and you have too many diffrent types of GFX. (Bitmaps, FlashGfx, 4 block sgading and gradients)

Sound: Good work on the sound, they worked and intergrated well!

Interactivity: Very interactive, hiding, shooting , ect.

Style: I can never figure out what style means... but I think its pretty sweet! ... *:S

Violence: Nothin but! There was the bloodstains, gunfights and more!

Humor: I have a feeling it wasnt made for humor. hehehe.

Notes: The difficulity was not the issue, its the fact its impossible to play the game without receiving damage. The problem is, is that there should be a way of predicting when the opponent will fire, instead of getting hit out of the blue. IE They quickly look around their hiding spot to see you. Also, when they come out to shoot, maby add a second before they shoot.

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Judge Judy Judge Judy

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Work on it

Things to add/improve:
-Add volume/pan options
-Make buttons more eye pleaseing
-add a background
-make sections more easily set apart from one another (ie colorcode)
-add the full text of what se says. (maby on a mouseover)
-Maby have it so when you puch one button the rest stop.
-Make your pause button more visible
-put the picture and text to the top and not in the middle, so things arent so scattered
-Dont have massive blank empty spaces

other than that, you had alot of issues with graphics and everything else. the only positive thing is the sound, but that doesnt make a movie.

Animal Maze Series 3 Animal Maze Series 3

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Being an author, I know what its like to get bad reviews on a game that was probably difficult to make.

However, I would need to comment, although theres no rule saying it needs to be in english, you really should post in english.

If you wanna use japanese, you need to know that no matter how good it is, 90% of reviews will comment on this and drop your scores.

Because there was very little text in it, you can get away with it, but its not easy. What I would do if I were you, is, because it looks like your fluent in english, is maby changing the language.

In Universe 3 (an unrelated game I'm working on) I was debaiting about language, and decided to use dynamic text for displaying translatoin text. That way, in the loading screen, if you were to click on the language of your choice, you could more easily play. you might want to do that.

Next up, is the system. Maby you could add instructions, and a few more levels. As for how much fun it is, it needs somthing to add stress. a 100 second countdown isnt very stressing. maby have the duck move through slowly... have it so the person streses out with the tilgea on his tail.


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Tactics Core Demo Tactics Core Demo

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice game.

I would reccomend:
-Make the arrow change from green to red to show who's the enemy and who's an ally.
-Make a very exact number to how much damage you will do
-maby if you hold down shift while a mouse is over an enemy or ally, it will show exact stats.
-In the bottom left, add green/red frames to help find out who's side is moving next.

Basically make commands, ability's and other things more clear.

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Smiley Face Pacman Smiley Face Pacman

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Some things could better

It would be nice if the gameplay had nicer graphics, and it was hard to see the enemies too, try making them about the size of the head.