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Well made

Everything about this game was exellent. however, theres a bug, where, after the move, and the word shooting part, in the main menu, there is no show mouse command, and I had to hit ctrl 500 times to know where the mouse was.

Poor lil guy!

I feel bad for that poor worm!

Anywho, everything was awesome. I cant say theres room for any improvment.

This is what I like to see

Too many time have new flashers said "I posted this because this is the first thing I made... Go easy"

you, on the other hand, have blasted away the comptition in this smoothly made movie. Best of luck, but I really dont think you need it! ;)

For a keyframed movie, this is high calibur in the quality with no mistakes

I can imagin very few things you could do to make this in a better sound quality.


St yle
Very cool theme and exellent idea, its hard coming up with these things.


The puns and jokes were funny. "You do know, how were getting out of here?" "Were screwed"

An exellent movie. I hope you continue the series. I can only imagin you later when you become more skilled in flash. (I mean, as in, top 50 takeover)

That had to be the funnies thing!

That was great. Thats almost what I go through in that exact postition!

Only one suggestion, when you have the backround go fuzzy, you need to change it to low quality, and its a pain. You need to either make it have an auto-quality system, or decrease the amount of detail in the fuzzy backround. (because I notice ALOT of detail in there)

Also, nice work with the clock.


You need to work with flash alittle more, and get the hang of it. Because you dont put you first movies on ng's.

Was pretty good...

It was funny, and has alright gfx, and yes, there are people that do that, but it could have had more work put into the backrounds, some artwork, the jpegs could have had better pixel ratings.

Its size was good, most artwork was good, sound was great, but I feel more effort could have gone into this in terms of several aspects.

I see why this is top 50.

1 question, what program did you use for the 3d animation?

Anyway, This is incredible, and work on part 2. I am curious to see the demise of his freind.

a clock...

I guess we all forget that even those that make, for a most part, a crapload of crap, will make somthing like this... in other words, make more kick ass movies like this.



Ynow, its ten O clock, and in canada, the spacestation plays trek at ten. Come out with a sequal, and please, feel free to keep up the good work.


He really should stop killing clients...

That was pretty funny, Has pretty go gfx, and an enemy that was funny as hell. Keep it comin.


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