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For Damon For Damon

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very Compelling.

I know how it feels to have a freind die, the same happened to me a few years back. (He died because of gas inhalation when he was operating a gas powered tool while renovating the basement)

But, I think I'll give you your stats.

9 - - Graphics
Very well drawn, nothing was off at all, overall very well done. The only tiny gripe I had with the graphics was when you used a few alpha tweens, making it look off. However, I see how you used many effects, including alpha to give the movie a maximal effect. well done.

10 - - Sound
The only true sound you had in there was the song. So fortinitly you got to do very little compressing, to keep its quality. also, the animation was corosponding to the song. Well done in that respect too.

1 - - Interactivity
This was a movie, so it was not made to be so. However you did have a couple buttons so that was good and good.

10 - - Style
Honestly, although kind of a downer, you have a noble and respectful theme.

0 - - Violence
This was a very non-violent movie. Good for this genre and style.

2 - - Humor
You did have a line in there describing a funny event your freind has done, and it sounds pretty funny. I suppose thats one memory I hope you and others will remember.

Anyway, just think of this;

~You only have 1 life to live, and when you live a freinds misfourtune, you are not living your own~

it means, although it hurts, and I bet it will hurt for awhile, much like my ordeal, think of that. It basically means that even though he's gone, pick yourself up and be happy enough for yourself, and happy enough to fill his gap.

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Clock Fruit Execution Clock Fruit Execution

Rated 3 / 5 stars

The theme was a little tasteless

I dont think you really know what happened augest 8th.

We werent betrayed, just so you know.

anyway, to the scoring.

8 - - Graphics
Very well done overall. Mostly smooth drawing, good perspective, evertything had a good amount of detail. Well done.

1 - - Sound
Whatever your using for your voices, well, never use it again. They were extremly monotone, skippy, slow, ect ect. If you had of used a better voice engine, then this would have been an 8.

1 - - Interactivity
This as a movie... Not really made for this.

0 - - Style
Sorry dude, but honestly, I dont think the admins of the deserved this one.

8 - - Violence
Very violent. Good details in that sort of animation, good action scenes. Overall very good.

7 - - Humor
It had a few moments whe I gave out a chuckle, it was alright in the humor division.

"R" "R"

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good work Dinictus.

Very well made, and thought out.

Lets start with graphics...

9, because you did an exellent job with nearly every aspect of the graphics. On part though, I did dock 1 point because there were a couple area's that were a little off.

Next, sound.

10, it was perfect. I'm unsure if you compressed it, but it sounded great! I also liked how you used an actual voice, because anything else for that long would drive anyone crazy.


1. For movie's I record the interactivity as the amount of buttons/options you have. I consider the play button one of these. also, its a movie, plain and simple. its not made for interactivity.


7. It was well thought out, and although a philisophical lecture wouldent seem cool to many, I myself like it because so often I ponder many meanings on which you have discussed.


3, Moderatly violent on an ocasion. (I'm kinda curious, was it just a dragon, a dragon from a game or somewhere, or D-DragonClock?). I dont know, I think for this movie impreticular, this is a good thing to have low.


10. It deserved it. While the philisophical stuff wass goof, the occasional clock doing somthing, clockish, was quite funny. Also, the little toss of words near the end between you and redemption was pretty funny. "Kiss my blue fuzzy ass"


9. I liked this alot! Quite classic. Very thoughtful. I would give this a 10, but a couple of the times in through the movie, there were just some things that seemed a little, off. Also, the fact that you needid to right click to rewind factored in. If you wanna fix it, simply at the end of your movie, make a button, and enter this actionscript.

on (release) {

Anyway, great work! I voted 5... twice so far ;).

Da-Dinictus responds:

To be exact, friend Hexagon, that dragon was the Zebesian Space Pirate Meta-Ridley from Metroid Prime. I thought the epilogue did mention that... Ow well.
A very extensive review. Honest, to the point - you get a gold star! As for the replay, since I worked in movie-instances, Flash always is a bitch concerning that. Add to it I worked in scenes, and you've got a movie without a goddamn replay button. And with two sleep-deprived days after that, I just dropped it, even after all the help I received from you guys on the forums - it didn't friggin' help.
Again, thank you for your kind review, and the votes! ^_^

tbon #1: Clocks vs Sticks tbon #1: Clocks vs Sticks

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A couple tips...

-The Clock crew website contains the .fla's of most of the clocks. If you want an easier time and slightly better GFX, download clock.fla's.

-You chose the right outcome. Keep choosing this outcome. ;)

-The scene's were exellently drawn. Couldent be better.

-The sounds could have been better. I would reccomend trying to improve that.

Anyway, Good work! I look foreword to the clocks kicking ass in the future. ;)

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MERCY!!!: Episode 1 MERCY!!!: Episode 1

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good work Tsurara!

I like the way you made this, and you did some nice work. You had some exellent idea's for the characters. Technically, you had the character idea's perfect, I mean, for example, the cat-demon. Cats are all cute and cuddly, but we all know how evil they can be. ;D

But anyway, TO TEH REVIEW!!!

I gave graphics an 8, the characters were well drawn, and there very consistant. But there wasnt too much anumation with the characters themselves, and that dumbed it down a bit. With your character design, you have an advantage because they would be more less easy to shape tween.

Sound was alright, however the quality of some of the clips was a little staticy. But I'll admit, compressing sound is a real bitch.

Theres nothing really extreme about interactivity in movies. The point of a movie is not to interact. But I award interactivity points if you have a stop, play, pause, rewind, ect. Maby a fast foreward button if you have the know-how.

Style was well done. I see where people get the pokemon idea, but I dont see why they would mention it. You had exellent characters, and I was surprised, when, in two lines you managed to explain almost the entire past of Nameless.

Violence was alright in this movie, but the battle scene, was slow for that kind of thing, and the lack of animation in the characters themselves took away from it.

Humor wasnt bad. Its more of a serious short, but it has its moments. "HEY NAMELESS!" "shut up" "OKAY!"

Overall it was well made, but the only thing I would reccomend, is a play/stop/rewind/fast foreword bar. In the forum, if you would like, I could show you how to make the more advanced rewind, fast foreword, and minimize the functions.

I would also highly reccoment more character animation in the fights.

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MushiX responds:

Thanks for the in-depth review, I'll keep all this in mind when making the next episode. The more input I get from people, the more output I can produce.
One of the main hurdles was that all of the character animation had to be drawn by hand first. I personally drew every frame for each character on a light-board, just like traditional animation. Then I gave the drawings to Tsurara, who scanned them, re-drew them in flash, and made them into movie clips. While she did that, I was drawing more frames. We couldn't really avoid that, since there weren't many shortcuts we could take by tweening. Drawing them in flash without the hand drawings results in lower quality, and I wanted everything to be precise when it came to how the characters looked.
The fight scene was the bulk of the work load. So many frames... It came out to about 1:25 minutes. The fight scene in the next movie will be 2:30 minutes. In order to make the work easier, I'm studying budget animation in anime. A lot of anime is made on low budgets, with limited animation, so there are certain techniques they use to make fights more dynamic or scenes seem more animated. Tsurara's trying to get us a copy of Ninja Scroll for us to study. So, we'll be using more anime techniques in terms of execution, but not in terms of style. The style will still remain my own.
And lastly, for anyone that's still reading this out of interest, the story is the most important part of the series. It comes in small doses at first, making one believe that the focus of the plot is on fighing. But, it isn't. The focus is on the characters themselves. For me, characters are the most important part of anything, be it a cartoon, game, novel, movie, etc., if the characters are hollow, there's no point. The characters in this story develop well, despite how short the story had to be.

Anyway, I'm working on a website, and it'll be up early this month. There I can post a lot of info about the characters and setting.

99K 99K

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Overall exellent effort.

I like the idea of creating a movie specifically for quality and size, and thats what most authors (hopefully) shoot for.

I find interesting though, how, in your quest for getting a size thats exactly 99k, you inadvertantly used a unique and fairly rare style of stick and scenery.

Also, your work with the shape tweens and keyframes is remarkable. The sound was well compressed, and the way it play's is well done too.

Towards graphics, while you kept the size down, you made the graphics simple and its relaxing to the eye. You also used exellent colours too.

I also like the storyline, very well compacted for a 20-30 second skit.

Overall, exellent work, a well made submission.

The only reccomendation I could make is help describe the storyline to those that dont really understand it. Although I hope everyone else got it too.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Horribly made... But accurate.

I raised the bar on the overall score because, truth is, this is historically accurate. There were German death camps where they sent weaker slaves to places they called "showers" that were actually gas chambers. Also, they did burn massive amounts of corpses... (dunno bout pissing on the ashes though, but they probably did) And americans were the first to create (and use) an atomic weapon. In the end, after the atomic bombardment Japan surrendered.

Next, people find it offensive because of the context and the general subject.

The animation was well done, also the voices were. alot of the rest could have used work though.

add more color, make some way for people to know who their looking at, and maby lighten up a bit on a few things.

GRAPHICS - - I gave it a 4 because they were decent, and you used color on an occasion. Maby use more animations.

SOUND - - Overall sound was well done, but to raise the score add some effects.

INTERACTIVITY: I judge interactivity on how many buttons you can press and how many elements you can control. you had a button.

STYLE: I think you were a little distastful on 2 occasions, but being accurate on a couple occasions raised it to a 5.

VIOLENCE: This wasnt really too violent (in a head gettin chopped off way) but it did have some painful looking stuff.

HUMOR: I personally didnt find much humor, but its just not my style of humor.

bush gives a speech bush gives a speech

Rated 0 / 5 stars

put in some damn effort.

Honestly, compress your mp3, work on graphics and for gods sake when your finished somthing, clean up your mess if you know what I mean.

blam club die!!!!!!~~~~~~ blam club die!!!!!!~~~~~~

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Not bad.

Raraken here...
Lets see...
Im taking the neuralizer to my brain, so lets forget Im a blammOr.

GFX: Not bad. Not really good. I gave it a 5.
Sound: Im not much for hard rock, but considering its there, It could have used a few more .wav's.
Interactivity: Movie.
Style: Doesnt appeal to my taste. It was only really a hate flash...
Violence: Yes.
Humor: Weird humor, but humor nonetheless.


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The Newgrounds Idiots The Newgrounds Idiots

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Much in this movie is true.

It is true that people are like that.
I always get harsh reviews in my games. They say im a bragger and that I suc (without the K) money **** and **** and ****, and then, as always, I check their profiles.
What do I find.
If I took 10 people this would be the ratio's:
6 would have made nothing,
3 would have stuff, but it would suck. (stickmen)
1 would have somthing decent, but not so good that they could say I need work.

The best reviews are from other flashers, that make quality stuff, because they know what it was like making the game/movie.

However, in this movie:
GFX- it had great graphics, but mixing pixel and flash graphics, with real pics never works. But you, unlike many, actually took the time to process the pics.

Sound- some sounds matched the movie, however there were instances where the guy would punch twice, but you would hear him hit 3 times. also, many sounds were from the library. (a little thing I have)

Interactivity- I always give a game/movie an interactiv score equal to the options it has. even though this is a movie, it got a 3. ^-^

Style- Even though you made a point about it, you submit somthing to newgrounds to please everyone other than yourself. I had to learn that. My first 3 submissions didnt have this in mind. (Gladiator X, Project Zyber chars, and A cartoonists life), so style should bemore universal next time.

Violence- Not too bad. Personally for me, a low violence score is good. Violence is for the diffrent audiences, an as you said, even though violence may be too much or too little, dont base your score.

Humor- I got a chuckle.

Overall- Nice point, but it isnt going to wind up on my list of favorutes.